Ultrastructural and Morphometrical Study of Gestational Induced Changes in Liver
مي فاضل ماجد
Authors : Zahraa Fawzi A. Mohammed, May Fadhil AL-Habib
This study was carried out to assess the ultrastructural findings of mice liver during pregnancy using transmission electron microscope. Thirty female adult mice, weighing 20–30 g, the mice were randomly into two groups A, B, (n=15, control & 15, pregnant), the liver tissues were collected and processed to paraffin block then sectioned and stained using transmission electron microscope to demonstrate fine structures in liver tissue. General morphological result showed changes of liver include increase in total body weight. Ultrastructural study revealed the changes in fine structure of hepatocytes with the presence of high number of mitochondria in pregnant group. Endothelial cell was large and more active, Ito cell showed increase in length and decrease in fat droplet.Widening of hepatic canaliculi in between hepatocytes and narrowing of space between hepatocytes and endothelial cell lining liver sinusoid. The study concluded that liver tissue shows changes during late stage of pregnancy mice.

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October 2017