شذى حسين علي عبد العباس
Authors : Dr Shatha Hussain Ali1, Dr. Sarah Hussain Cooley2, Jabbar Salman Hassan3 and Ali Sadiq Hassan4. 1. M. B. Ch. B, C.A.P.B, Professor in Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics College of Medicine, Al - Nahrain University. 2. M.B.CH.B Imamein Kadhimein Medical City, Iraq. 3. Ph.D Medical Microbiology, Lecturer College of Medicine, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq. 4. M. B. Ch. B, F. I. C. M. S (Pediatric Nephrology)M. B. Ch. B, Imamein Kadhimein Medical City.
Background: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an important cause of relapses in children with Nephrotic syndrome (NS) Objective: Study the prevalence of UTI and clinical presentation among group of children with NS. Study urinalysis and culture results, the causative microorganism and their sensitivity pattern to 15 types of Antibiotics Methods: A prospective study including children with steroid sensitive NS was carried out in the Pediatric Nephrology Clinic of Al Imamain Kadhimien Medical city and Microbiology Department in Collage of medicine / AL- Nahrain University for the period from 1st Dec. 2016 – 31th Jan. 2017. Urine samples from all patients were collected by clean catch method in sterile containers and promptly transported to the Microbiology laboratory.Culture of urine and resistance patterns of bacteria isolated to 15 various antibiotics were determined. Result: Total number of patients was 50 patients, 30 (60%) males and 20 females (40%). Most common age group was 7 - 12 year (60%). Most common clinical presentation was abdominal pain in 21 patients (42 %). Urinalysis revealed 19 patients (38%) with more than 5 Pus cells/ HPF. Prevalence of UTI was regarded in 17 (34%). The commonest microorganism isolated was Escherichia coli in 6 patients (35.2%). Results revealed significant correlation of females, younger age group, pyuria > 5 pus cells/ HPF with positive urine cultures. The highest sensitivity in 13 patients (76.06%) was to imipenem , ampicillin show no sensitivity at all and 100% resistant . Conclusion: As UTI found in a considerable rate among children with NS, routine urine cultures should be carried out on patients with NS, especially during relapse

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Published: April 2018