Clinical Presentation and Management of Brain Metastasis in a Sample of Iraqi Patients
احسان صبحي نعمة
Authors : Mustafa Jarullah Neamah, Ihssan S Nema and Liwa Abdullah Ali
Metastatic brain tumors are common in Iraq, but the incidence is still less than reported in the developed countries. It is more common in males. The ages of most of the patients lie between 40-59 years. The duration of the symptoms is less than one month in 48 % of the cases.. The interval between the diagnosis of the primary tumor and the brain metastasis is less than one year in 66.6 % of the patients with known primary, which indicates the aggressive behavior and metastatic tendency of cancers. The most common primary site is the lung, next is the breast, and the third is the bladder. Forty percent of the patients have unknown primary tumors . Papilledema occurred in 48% of the patients and was more common with single brain metastasis and with tumors in the infratentorial region.. Metastatic brain tumors are multiple in 60% and single in 40% of the cases. 70% of the metastatic tumors are in and around the parietal lobe of the brain. Most of the metastases from lung origin are multiple (71.4%), and most of the metastases from breast origin are single (80%). Clinical improvement is seen after steroid administration in most of the patients. Radiotherapy is still the main treatment modality used for patients with metastatic brain tumors in our country either postoperatively or without surgery. Adenocareinoma is the most common histopathological diagnosis of the brain metastases; next is the undifferentiated carcinoma and the third is sequamous cell carcinoma.

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October 01, 2019