The Distribution of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes, Viral Load and Antibody Titer among Iraqi Chronic Hepatitis Patients
حيدر فيصل غازي
Authors : Abdel Wahab A. R. Alshaikhly, Zaidoon A. Musa, Ban J. Qasim, Haider F. Ghazi, Wisam J. Mohammed
Background: The infection by hepatitis C virus causedliver diseases such as:chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. The current study aims to investigate the rate of HCV genotypes, subtypes, viral load and antibody immune response among Iraqi chronic hepatitis patients. Methodology: During 2012-2017 period seventy-hundred and twenty tow hepatitis patients were referred to Middle East Laboratory from Baghdad and other provinces asking for HCV viral load, its genotype and anti-HCV antibody determination. Results: A cross six years records, HCV genotype 4 was the most prevalent among Iraqi chronic hepatitis patients (46.68%), then genotype 1 (37.12%).There is notable changes in HCV genotypes distribution especially during 2017, where the genotype 1 predominantly found (52.63%). Although, these genotypes were none significantly associated with gender, age, viral load or anti-HCV antibody. Conclusion: This recordindicates a recent change in the rate of HCV genotype 1 over genotype 4 infection in Iraqi chronic hepatitis patients.

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