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Objectives of the College
 The college is to be a model that seeks to achieve a solid scientific level preparing competent qualified  physicians and scientists that have scientific medical backgrounds as well as clinical, and research skills that enable them to practice their duties safely and effectively. They also are prepared to keep pace with progress of technology and knowledge, to quest for a degree of specialization in various medical specialties, and contribute to the preparation for future leaders in the areas of health and education. The college should quest to meet the international standards and requirements for quality and academic accreditation and to achieve universality considering the quality of programs and educational services offered by the college to compete in order to be in the first place of the international ranking among other colleges. The following are some objectives of what the college should achieve the:

·         Application of modern teaching aids and advanced techniques in teaching methods and preparing high-level educational programs. 

·         Employing of information technology and communication in the process of transfer and production of knowledge, scientific research, and the preparation of the curricula of educational programs.

·         Provision of teaching staff members with ability to achieve the mission of the college considering the efficiency and number.

·         Exploitation of the scientific research to serve the country’s medical, social and developmental issues.

·         Activation of participation, coordination, and integration between the college and the society will be effective by holding seminars, conferences and debates to discuss the scientific, and health issues of the country.

·         Contributing to transfer and produce knowledge and requirements of building a national system of science and technology. This can be activated through the effective participation in local, Arab, and international seminars and conferences.

·         Establishment of cultural exchange relations and bilateral or collective agreements with Universities or professional organizations - Arabic and International- taking into account our community’s privacy and genuine values.