Effect of Two Separated Doses of Antenatal Steroids at 32 Weeks and Five Days before Delivery in Prevention of neonatal respiratory Distress Syndrome
سارة عبد الرضا
Authors : Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development
Objective Examine the effect of two separated dose (32 weeks and 5 days before delivery) on the occurrence of respiratory distress syndrome. Materials and Method A case control study has been applied from 17th September 2017 to 19th of July 2018 in Imamain Al-Kathimain medical city, involved 188 premature baby delivered by elective cesarean section, the mothers divided into two groups group A (96 women) that received two doses of steroid (at 32 weeks, and 5 days before delivery) and group B (94 women) that receive one dose of steroid at 32 week of gestation respectively. Results there was slight increase in number of female in both group, total number of them in group A was 52 (54%), and total number of male was 44 (64%) while in group B it was 49 (53%) and 43 (47%) respectively. The study show significant decrease in number of premature suffering from respiratory distress syndrome in group A 29 (30%) than in group B 58 (63%), there was no statistical significant differences regarding those who were admitted in neonatal intensive care because of respiratory distress syndrome in form of respiratory rate, heart rate, and days of hospitalization. Conclusion two separated doses of steroid at 32 weeks of gestation and 5 days before delivery are more superior to one dose of steroid in prevention of respiratory distress syndrome.

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