Histological study and immunohistochemical expression of StAR protein in the suprarenal cortex of adult male rats associated with sleep disturbance
هدى رشيد كريم
Authors : Haneen A. Mohammed1 *, Huda R. Kamoona1
The suprarenal glands are endocrine organs directly affected by sleep disturbance , it act as a stress factor that affect steroidogenic activity of suprarenal cortex by reduction in the immunohistochemical expression of StAR protein which act as a corner stone in steroid synthesis in the gland , which showed significant changes in expression in sleep disturbance in relation to control with normal sleep pattern.Histological changes were noticed associated with sleep disturbance as vascular dilatation, cortical hemmorrge, hypertrophy in spongeocytes cells of Zona fasciculata. these changes showed various patterns in sleep deprivation and sleep interruption, this indicate sleep disturbance by effect of light exposure act on the hypothalamic pituitary axis and affect the central control of steroidogenesis in suprarenal cortex.

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