Bocavirus and rotavirus coinfection in children with acute gastroenteritis and associated risk factors
اروى مجاهد عبد الله
Authors : Mohammad Yaseen Mohammad, Arwa Mujahid Al- Shuwaikh, Haider Talib Al-Hamdani
Background: Viruses are the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis in infants and young children and are considered an important cause of mortality worldwide. Objectives: to estimate the rate of human bocavirus and rotavirus infections in children with acute gastroenteritis and determine any association with different risk factors Methods: Stool samples were collected from one hundred children suffering from acute gastroenteritis at the Central Teaching Hospital of Pediatrics, Baghdad, Iraq, for the period from December 2021 to April 2022. Samples were stored at -20 °C until they were utilized by PCR and ELISA to identify the human bocavirus (HBoV) DNA and rotavirus antigen (RV-Ag), respectively. Results: This cross-sectional study showed that HBoV DNA was detected in 10 out of 100 samples (10%), while RV-Ag was detected in 22 out of 93 samples (23.66%), and the co-infection rate was 100%. None of the studied demographic data and risk factors showed a significant association with HBoV and/or rotavirus infection (P>0.05). Conclusions: All cases positive for HBoV were also positive for RV since both viruses share the same route of transmission, or that RV may pave the way to HBoV infection or reactivation. More restricted immunization programs should be applied for rotavirus in rural areas. Keywords: Human bocavirus, rotavirus, acute gastroenteritis, risk factors, co-infection

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30th October, 2023