Evaluation of possible association of interferon-induced helicase (IFIH1) gene polymorphism with type one diabetes mellitus in a sample of Iraqi children
اروى مجاهد عبد الله
Authors : Hakeem Gh. Hassan , Arwa M. Al-Shuwaikh, Raid K.D. Al-Auqili
Diabetes of type 1 is a chronic autoimmune disease that results in the progressive and modest loss of pancreatic cells over the course of the disease's lifetime.T1D may have a hereditary and environmental component. The purpose of this study was to found any association between the IFIH1 rs1990760 polymorphism and T1D in Iraqi children. There were 75 children with type 1 diabetes participated in this study between January and March of 2021. RBS, serum fructosamine, HbA1c and pancreatic beta cell autoantibodies were estimated in all samples. Three SNPs in IFIH1 gene polymorphisms (rs35667974, rs35732034 and rs1990760) were investigated for their association with the development of T1D. SNP of rs1990760 had three genotypes in patients and controls (GG, GA, AA). The wild type GG genotype was more frequent in controls than patients (32% vs. 22.67%), while the mutant genotype (AA) was more frequent in patients (30.66%) than controls (22.67%) with no significant difference in both. The study was revealed IFIH1 polymorphism not associated with T1D in Iraqi children.

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September, 2022