The Validity of Different F Wave Parameters in The Diagnosis of Diabetic Axonal Polyneuropathy
فرقد بدر حمدان
Authors : Yaqoub ZA, Kaddor HG, Hamdan FB
Background The underlying pathology of the vast majority of diabetic polyneuropathies is axonal degeneration. F wave study is one of the most sensitive indices of the severity of neuropathy. Objective To test the validity of different F wave parameters including F minimum latency, F wave index and F Jitter in the diagnosis of diabetic axonal peripheral neuropathy. Methods Eighty type 2 diabetics aged 52.57±5.62 years with disease duration of 1 to 18 years and 90 age-matched healthy volunteers serve as the control group. Both groups were submitted to medical history, clinical neurological examination, and electrophysiological tests of both upper and lower limbs. Results Tibial and ulnar F wave latencies were significantly prolonged in diabetic patients (p < 0.001). Tibial F index for male patients shows a significantly lower value as compared to the control group. Ulnar F wave latency was 76.7% sensitive and 89.3% specific in female patients while tibial F wave latency was 80% sensitive and 81.3% specific in male patients. Conclusion F wave is a precise parameter in detecting diabetic axonal peripheral neuropathy. Minimal F-wave latency is more sensitive than both F index and F Jitter in the diagnosis of axonal neuropathy in diabetic patients. Keywords DM, Axonal neuropathy, Ulnar, Tibial, F-wave latency, F-jitter, F-index

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October, 2020