Influence of Tumor Necrosis Factor – Alpha -308 gene Polymorphism and its Adverse Effects of Seminal Plasma concentration on sperms characteristics of infertile men
حيدر فيصل غازي
Authors : Haider F. Ghazi, Rehab Sh. AL-Maliki and Kareem G. Mohamed
Abstract and objective: Tumor Necrosis Factor – Alpha -308 gene Polymorphism have been related to different disease conditions due to increased TNF-. However, its relation with Seminal fluid analysis is not studied in Iraq. Objective: this study aimed to investigate the association of TNF--308 gene Polymorphism and TNF- seminal plasma concentration with of abnormal seminal fluid analysis among infertile men. Methods: Prospective correlational study including 85 infertile men collected during October 2019 to March 2020. From each participant blood and semen samples were collected according to the standard method. The blood used for DNA extraction and TNF--308 genotyping using allele specific PCR. Seminal plasma was separated and used for TNF- measurement using sandwich ELISA method. Results: the results found that mutant allele was frequent among infertile men 28%. TNF-seminal plasma concentration was significantly higher in men carrier for variant allele58.92±21.03 pg/ml in comparison with infertile carrying wild type allele27.1±13.34 pg/ml. Seminal plasma TNF-α was inversely correlated with sperm motility (progressive and none progressive (r=- 0.350 and -0.282 respectively. Conclusion: The mutant allele A might negatively affect sperm motility and morphology by increasing seminal plasma TNF- level.

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