مي فاضل ماجد
Authors : Lubna Dhari Mohammed
This study aimed to evaluate the quantitative expression of ghrelin (GHSR) antibodies in placental tissue and the impact of gestational diabetes on their expression and to correlate between newborn body weight and the different quantitative expression of ghrelin. This study was conducted on sixty female women aged between 20-35y, these were divided into 2 groups: 1 st group: 30 pregnant women with gestational diabetes, two placental samples were taken from placental maternal part and other sample from fetal part. Second group enrolled 30 pregnant women serves as control group women who don’t have diabetes. The sample were collected from different places found in Baghdad province. The study was carried out from November 2018 to April 2019. The Placental samples were collected from mid-way between cord and periphery and processed for routine histological tissue preparation and immunohistochemical expression for Ghrelin. The statistical analysis of the current results displayed a significant increasing in the fetal body weight in gestational diabetic group in comparison with the control group. The Macroscopical results of placenta of control group showed dark-blue reddish appearance, mostly regular oval-flat cake shaped, while the placenta of patient with gestational diabetes showed slightly larger flat cake shaped oval placenta with no other specific criteria of differences from control group. Microscopic examination of normal placenta in control group showed different sizes of villi, these villi are separated by intra villous spaces filled with blood. In GDM group, the villi showed dramatic changes both in size and shape been more cylindrical and elongated, the syncytial knot showed more aggregation of darkly highly basophilic stained cellswith villous edema. Villi showed a highly fibrynoid constitute in the villous stromal core with a higher number of blood vessels per each villus as comparing with the control group. Ghrelin was used in this study, it was found that the expression was confined to cytotrophoblast specially at the peri-nuclear region, yet very few syncytiotrophoblast showed the reactivity. Comparison of the level of expression of ghrelin reaction between the two group (control and GDM) showed a higher expression in GDM group than those seen in control group. From the study, it has been concluded that ghrelin were significantly elevated in GDM group comparing with the control group.

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