Correlation between Serum & Urinary Placental Protein (Pp13) in Pre-eclamptic Women at their Third Trimester
مي فاضل ماجد
Authors : Nesreen Ahmed Nasser1, Rayah Sulaiman Baban1, May Fadhil Al- Habib2, Risala A. Ali Jameel3
Background: Preeclampsia (PE) consider as one of the most One of the most serious complications of pregnancy, and the chief reasons of Objectives: Study the correlation between serum &urinary placental protein (pp13) in pre-eclamptic women at their third trimester Materials and Method: Case control study was achieved from August 2018 to January 2019. A total of 100 women involved in this research, 50preeclampsia pregnant women and 50 apparently normal pregnant women as control, for all the subjects in the research serum and urine sample were collected for placental protein 13(pp13) estimation by using ELISA technique. Results: Results indicated that a highly significant decreased in serum and urine pp13 in preeclamptic women compared to healthy women pregnant Conclusion: Maternal serum PP13 at their 3rd. Trimester has evidences to be a credible biomarker for preeclampsia risk evaluation: the specificity and sensitivity of pp13 provided the highest diagnostic for preeclampsia

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