Electron Beam Profile Assessment of Linear Accelerator Using Startrack Quality Assurance Device
سهام صباح عبد الله
Authors : Ahmed R Sabbar1, Siham S Abdullah2, Haydar H Alabedi3, Nabaa M Alazawy4 and Mustafa J Al-Musawi5
Electron beam therapy using linear accelerator done for patients with superficial cancerous tumors. Daily quality assurance is preferable to assess a good treatment for the patients. This study focuses on penumbra, flatness, and symmetry determination for four types of an electron beam using StarTrack 2D array for quality assurance. Eelectron beam with energies: 6MeV, 9MeV, 12 MeV, and 15MeV for both in-plane (x-axis) and cross-plane (y-axis) using Elekta synergy linac exposed to StarTrack 2D array readings during 16 weeks for testing the performance and stability of StarTrack. The testing protocol used is IEC.The beam profile estimation of variation, when compared with standard values of penumbra, flatness, and symmetry of electron beam energy at the time of commissioning, reveals that all had a variation but these variations are within the limits. It is concluded that StarTrack 2D array detector is favourable in the QA process. Their implementation is not only easy, but gives information about the beam's temporal stability and is particularly suitable for beam steering mounting.

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