Evaluation of uranium concentration in the blood breast cancer women with CR-39 detector
رشا صبيح أحمد
Authors : ا.م.د. رشا صبيح احمد
Some governorates of Iraq are considered as uranium-contaminated areas. The spread of cancerous tumors injuries was recorded in different parts of Iraq at very high rates. As cancer is closely related to high level of uranium in the blood, this study was conducted on women with breast cancer to evaluate the uranium concentrations in their blood. The aim of the study is to assess the concentration of uranium in the blood Iraqi breast cancer women to establish reference values for the levels of toxic uranium in their blood and the possibility of getting breast cancer. A total of 39 blood samples were collected from breast cancer women and a control group. CR-39 track detector has been used to evaluate the uranium concentration in blood samples by placing a drop of blood on the detectors and calculating the uranium concentrations by irradiating the detectors with a neutron source. Statistical analysis is achieved utilizing SPSS programme. The outcomes show elevated levels of uranium concentration in the blood of women with breast cancer, which was found to be 92±0.6 ngL???? 1 compared to the control group (40 ±0.4 ngL???? 1), and internationally published data. The results show that the uranium concentration in the blood of breast cancer women is higher than those in the control group and some of the globally published data. This indicated that there is a relationship between the elevated concentrations of uranium in blood and the risk of getting breast cancer.

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