Resistance Mechanisms to Second Line Drug in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
جبار سلمان حسان
Authors : Jabbar S. Hassan, Thanaa R. Abdulrahman, Basim M. Hanon
Tuberculosis is one of the oldest and most dangerous diseases that humanity has faced, and scientists were able, through the discovery of many successful treatments, to neutralize its seriousness, but despite that, especially in poor countries, programs to control this disease did not succeed completely, and this led to the failure of most of the old treatments in eradicate this disease; Various types of drugs have been introduced onto the battlefield, but aminoglycosides in addition to fluroquinolones and their derivative drugs remain one of the most valuable weapons in this fight due to their ability to treat disease under various TB pathogenesis processes. This review offers a detailed summary of genetic mechanisms that lead to resistant to first line drug therapy used in management of Tuberculosis as well as up-to-date information on some new aspects lead to such problem.

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08 May 2021