The Use of Biosimilars in the Middle East: Review Article
ياسمين عباس حمادي
Authors : https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11926-018-0740-6
Purpose of Review Biosimilars are of growing importance worldwide, and many leading countries are introducing them in their health care systems and are using them in many fields of medicine owing to their low price tags in comparison with the brands and to their similarities in terms of function and side effects. So we cannot look past them and continue to rely on the innovator drugs since many had proven their efficacies in number of researches and Trials, not to mention the burden that many diseases pose on the budgets of the third world countries making using a lower priced alternatives a much appealing choice for the decision makers. Many fields of medicine in Iraq have experiences with the use of these agents over the past few years like the use of vaccines, insulin, and Growth factors, but their use in rheumatic disorders is still unfamiliar in our country. Our main aim doing this Review was to go through the written data on use of biosimilars in nearby countries and regions and draw some information regarding Types used, Terms of use and market release, different related legislations- if any-, patient’s selection criteria for their use in case of the presence of Brands, and examine the systems of successful pharmacovigilance, to guide us in producing our own guidance for perfect utilization of the newly arriving drugs. Results Overall, there were 21 separate articles in which the biosimilars were mentioned as integral parts of the reviews and main body of subject. Even these reports have deficiencies in descriptions of types of drugs, Prices, Patient selection strategies and Efficacy studies. Conclusions The biosimilar use is still considered a new encounter in the Middle Eastern areas, many countries have never had any experience with their use, With Very little published data in this regard. Recommendation We advise the researchers and workers in this Region to pay more attention to documentation and publication of their works and experiences.

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