Acute Toxicity of Vitex agnus castus Methanol Extract
بان جمعة قاسم
Authors : Hayder B Sahib, Adeeb A. AL-Zubaudy, Shallal M. Hussain, Ghaith Ali Jasim , Ban J Qasim , sawsan S. Al Rawi
Vitex agnus castus widely use worldwide and traditionally used in Iraq for gynaecological issues. Extensive search has been done on this herb revealed that this herb has potential anti-angiogenesis activity. The objective of this study is to find the extent of herb safety, to be formulated later; and use by people as an anti angiogenic drug. Methanol extracts which showed potential antiangiogenic activity has been tested against two animal species mice and rats for testing its safety. Toxicity of the extract was evaluated in Swiss albino mice by feeding the animals with serial doses of the extract between 1.0 to 20.0 g/kg body weight orally and observed continuously for the first 4 h and every hourly for the next 24 h, then 6 hourly for 48 h (72 h, acute toxicity) results collected after two weeks. Rats were also fed with 5000mg/kg extract The toxicity in the animals was carried out by assessing the effects on biochemical parameters, body weight and histopathological study for liver, heart, lung, stomach, spleen, sex organs for both male and female, and renal organs following oral administration of methanol extract. The median acute toxicity value (LD50) of Vitex agnus castus leaves methanol extract was found to be 17.21g/kg body weight. The extract reduced cholesterol level significantly. Other biochemical finding show no significant different in comparison to control. The body weight was observed in all the groups treated with the extract. No significant weight changes occur throughout the study. The LD50 value indicated the drug to be quite safe in one dose treatment. The study also showed that the extract had good hypolipidemic effects. Keywords: Acute toxicity of Herbs, Anti angiogenic herb, Lethal dose for Vitex agnus castus, Vitex agnus castus.

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