Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) for University Students
عدي خالد عبد الجبار
Authors : Uday Khalid Abdul Jabbar Al Qaisy, Natik Fahal Al-Kubaisy
Complex posttraumatic stress disorder is a diagnostic construct which tries to capture complex traumareactions in face protracted and repeated psychological trauma. These reactions which compromise specificsymptom constellation may be missed if there is focus on classical posttraumatic syndrome. Iraqi populationendured four decades of instability which created atmosphere of protracted repeated trauma situation whichnecessitate examining complex trauma reactions. The aim was to create a tool for examining complextrauma reactions within Iraqi population and examining rates and nature of these reactions in a sample ofIraqi population. Random sample of medical students were examined for exposure to traumatic events andcomplex psychological trauma reactions. The tool used for examining complex trauma was made accordingto criteria of disorders of extreme stress not otherwise specified; validity and reliability of the tool wasverified and rates of traumatic events and rates and nature of reactions were examined. Most of participantsconfirmed exposure to more than one traumatic event and 25% fulfilled criteria of complex trauma syndrome.Rates of complex trauma reactions are high in this study. Large population studies are needed to confirm thisfact, which means extensive efforts are needed at clinical and social levels for proper help to be provided to traumatised individuals.

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