Institutional Review Board

 Instructions to the applicant (sender):

In order to submit your work to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for evaluation kindly follow these steps:

1. Download the electronic application form by clicking on the 'Download' button.
2.Open the downloaded PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or later. In case you don't have it, you can download the latest version from  here.

3. After filling out the electronic form, double check the information you have entered and make sure you have completed all sections inside the form. Please note that accidental clicking of the 'Reset' button at the end of the application form will delete all of your entered information. Click 'Print' button to get a hard copy of the application form.

4.Please attach the PDF file in an e-mail message and write your name in the subject field of the message in English and as it appeared in your application form. Finally send the e-mail message to the IRB e-mail address given at the bottom of the application form.


P.S. Please note that sending the application form via e-mail is only the first step of the application process. Additionally, you need to send a hard copy of these documents to the secretary of IRB (Mrs Warsaa in microbiology department,  building 7, 2nd floor) along with other documents (e.g., questionnaire, informed consent, or statement of confidentiality) within 72 hours after sending the e-mail, otherwise your application will be canceled and the whole process will be repeated.