Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Department

Division of quality assurance and performance evaluation

Al-Nahrain College of Medicine is an educational institution in the field of medicine and in general the vision, mission and goals of the College of Medicine Al-Nahrain are based on quality assurance in medical education. Here is the vision, mission and goals related to the College of Medicine Al-Nahrain:


Implementing integrated systems to ensure the quality of education and scientific research in a way that enhances the capabilities of Al-Nahrain College of Medicine to become an important reference in medical education at the local, regional and global levels in a way that meets the needs of society and contributes to the development of health care.

The message

Developing and improving the academic and institutional performance of Al-Nahrain College of Medicine through:

Providing distinguished educational programs in the field of medicine that are based on international standards and focus on developing medical knowledge and scientific skills for students.

- Creating a stimulating and advanced educational environment that enhances interaction and cooperation between students, professors and the medical community.

- Encourage scientific research and innovation in the field of medicine and disseminate the results to improve health care.



  1. Building an integrated quality assurance system in accordance with national and international standards and following up on its implementation to serve the vision, mission and objectives of the department.
  2. Enhancing capacity building and efficiency of teachers and staff by providing training and educational programs to improve their competence and develop their skills.
  3. Evaluate and monitor the quality of educational programs and ensure their compliance with academic and professional standards.
  4. Diagnosing the obstacles facing the development of performance at all levels, conducting analytical studies and proposing appropriate solutions and plans for improvement in various fields.
  5. Promoting a culture of quality and continuous evaluation within the college to ensure a competitive environment that keeps pace with the increasing knowledge developments to achieve leadership in the field of quality and academic and institutional accreditation.
  6. Ensure continuous improvement in the process of monitoring and evaluating the performance of the college formations.
  7. Building an integrated system for annual self-evaluation and following up the implementation of continuous improvement plans at the college level.
  8. Conducting questionnaires, seminars, meetings and workshops periodically in the field of quality and academic accreditation.
  9. Following up on the evaluation of the performance of the faculty members and setting clear criteria for improving performance in accordance with the requirements of university service.

Tasks and achievements of the Division of Quality Assurance and University Performance

  • Implementation of the total quality requirements approved at Al-Nahrain University and the educational quality management system approved by the college and the application of the necessary mechanisms for their implementation.
  • Follow up the preparation and review of academic standards, standard reference standards and various programs in coordination with the scientific branches in the college.
  • Completion of annual assessments for all faculty and staff in coordination with the database unit in the college and in cooperation with the various college formations, collecting all information related to the annual performance evaluation report and presenting it to the ministerial audit committee following up on this subject.
  • Holding various developmental workshops, courses and seminars, collecting all information related to the annual performance appraisal report and presenting it to the Ministerial Audit Committee following up on this subject.
  • Following up on the international classification (QS) of the university and urging the teaching staff to present the best different scientific productions to raise the international classification of the university to advanced positions, and to coordinate with the website unit to publish and update information continuously.
  • Coordinating with the Human Resources Division and the Academic Promotions Committee to provide them with the latest evaluation of those who have a promotion or promotion among all the college employees.
  • Completing and updating the calendar file for the quality of the annual academic performance (data on all college facilities) and providing the Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance at the University Presidency with a copy of it.
  • Completion of the ten axes of the institutional self-evaluation report related to (program objectives and educational outcomes, curriculum, faculty members, facilities and support services, scientific research and external communication, academic program management, student progress and performance evaluation, quality management and improvement, library and learning resources) based on Guide to ensuring the quality of academic programs in the faculties of Arab universities.
  • Completion of questionnaires for (students’ academic satisfaction questionnaire, questionnaire for evaluating the performance of the dean of the college, questionnaire for evaluating the performance of heads of scientific departments, questionnaire for evaluating the performance of research centers affiliated to the college) after distributing and filling them in by the concerned departments, standardizing their results, studying and following up their outputs.
  • Preparing and completing data for the ministerial audit committee of the national classification for the quality of Iraqi universities.
  • Coordinating with the departments of the college, recording the data of the calendar files, checking the validity and standardization of that data, and returning it to the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department at the university presidency within the specified times.
  • Completion of a description of the annual academic program that includes a necessary summary of the most important characteristics of the program and the learning outcomes expected of the student to be achieved, subject to whether he has achieved the maximum benefit from the available opportunity, and is accompanied by a description of each course within the program.
  • Attending the monthly meetings at the university presidency and conveying the directives related to the quality of the performance of individuals and institutions to the members of the quality liaison in the various branches of the college for circulation and work in the college.
  • Collecting and following up the monthly qualitative achievements carried out by the teaching staff (research, participation in conferences, seminars, workshops or scientific courses, writing books, obtaining patents and other scientific activities) and providing the university with copies of them.
  • Following up and completing the various official books sent by the university presidency to the college and circulating them to all branches and divisions of the college, collecting information and preparing it, and responding to the university in the required time period.