Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

Iraqi Journal of Medical Sciences

The Iraqi Medical Journal is a scientific journal published by the College of Medicine, Al Nahrain University, It`s a quarterly journal with medical specialization, which publishes four numbers in the year and the first published in 2000, It publishes scientific articles of high quality written in English, dealing with the fields of clinical medicine and academic researches, which attention on the relevant topics related to Iraq and the Middle East. This does not mean that the journal does not welcome scientific participations from outside Iraq. The journal publishes original articles, medical reports and letters to editors in all scientific and medical fields and editorial articles Including forensic medicine, medical heritage, medical ethics and other topics selected.

All correspondence and subscription information requests should be addressed to :

Journal address: Iraq _ Baghdad _ Kadhimiya _ College of Medicine / University of Al-Nahrain

PO Box: 70044, Kadhimiya , Baghdad, Iraq

Mobile: 9647717516090

Email: iraqijms@colmed-alnahrain.edu.iq

Website: http://www.iraqijms.net


Mission of Iraqi JMS: To establish rapid review processes aiming to publish scientific papers that help to augment knowledge and highlight discoveries in the field of medical sciences to be a world –wide forum in assisting the distribution of medical researchers to career readers.

Vision of Iraqi JMS: To be pioneer national medical journal interesting in increasing the understanding of diseases and treatment.


 Duties of the Iraqi Medical Journal Unit:

Receiving medical research and submitting it to the (Turnitin) program by the secretary of the journal  and then appointing specialists according to the specialization of  each research after reading the preliminary reading by the editorial council and pursuit scientific researchs in the evaluation phase + waiting for adjustments by the authors by the secretary and the editorial council of the journal and, typesetting of researches after acceptance of publication in the Journal by the secretary of editor and compositor in addition of  to linguistic evaluation.