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Department of Pediatrics
Pediatrics branch was founded in 1987. It has many responsibilities represented in that:

• This branch gives lectures to fourth year students .Thirty lectures are given in the first term, and another thirty lectures in the second term, through which students are introduced to the importance of the child and common diseases that affect this important group in the society, natural growth of children and how to protect them from some of incurable diseases by vaccines.

• This branch gives lectures to the fifth year students as fifteen lectures in the first term and another fifteen lectures in the second term through which the student is introduced to diseases that affect the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems and the blood.

• Clinical training for fourth year students where the students are to be introduced to how to reach the diagnosis of diseases through medical history taking, clinical examination and investigations that aid in the diagnosis.

• Clinical training for sixth year students as they are prepared to be resident doctors through taking advantage of how the diagnosis and treatment is made and monitoring of hospitalized patients in children ward.

• Participations in all clinical activities in Al-Imamain Al-Kathimain Medical City/ Paediatric Department, such as treatment of patients and attendance in the consultation clinics.

• Supervision and follow up of the work of graduate students (Iraqi and Arab Board).

• Supervision of the research presented by graduate students (Iraqi and Arab Board).

• Supervision of research presented by graduate students in other centres of the Iraqi body.

• Participation in graduate students' examinations.
Vaccination in childrern

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