Registration Division

 Registration Division

Brief description of the registration and documentations division:

·       Mission: The mission of the registration and documentations division is to achieve the objectives of the college and the requirements of developing the educational process, with the implementation of decisions issued by the higher authorities, in addition to guidance and supervision in all matters related to students.

·        Vision: The Division works to be a link between the student and the dean`s office in order to help students continue their education and find solutions to their problems in all areas, and provide services and facilities related to the registration of the student and interest in him from the moment he came to the college until his graduation.

·        Objectives:

1.     Assist students and deal with their cases according to ministerial regulations and instructions.

2.     Simplifying the procedures of students' affairs and adopting modern technology in admission and registration in the college to achieve excellence in work and ensure the quality of performance.

3.     Pursuance the affairs of graduates and facilitate the requirements of their success  in practical life and the preparation of a database of graduates and maintain communication with them.

  Duties of the staff of the registration and documentations division:

1.     Pursuance ministerial books, university president mail, dean's mail and assistant dean`s for scientific affairs and students .

2.     Archive and electronic archives for students.

3.     Issuing summer training orders for the second stage students.

4.     Pursuance student affairs (student complaints).

5.     Notifying student representatives of absences (5%, 7% and 10%).

6.     Issuance of failure orders and cancellation of failure orders in case the college council approves raising the absenteeism to 15%.

7.     Issuing orders of wage reduction for students in the morning private government education channel.

8.     Pursuance university and administrative orders in the sequences of graduates for the first and second trial.

9.     Pursuance support books for graduates admitted to study in the (Arab Council or the Iraqi Council for Medical Specializations).

10. Pursuance the validity of the issuance of the  certificate and the equivalence of the certificate for those admitted  outside Iraq.

11. Preparation of clinical training schedules for the sixth stage.

12. Preparation of statistical for failing students , deferred, canceled admission, improve rate, transferred and hosted to and from the college, failing (absent or cheating).

13. Prepare the statistical number of university and e-mail (Gmail) for each student, statistical for the sons of professors and student left-handed, statistical for (measuring waistcoats) for the students of the first stage of the white dress ceremony, statistical for the capacity of classrooms.

14. Prepare the curriculum vitae of the students and the time limit of the study.

15. Preparation of an electronic program to calculate the absenteeism rates for students (5%, 7%, 10%).

16. Enter all information about the university statistics for students of primary studies and graduates.

17. Announcement (schedules, names of students, failed and loaded students, student results and objections for all stages) on the students' website.

18. Checking the documents of the central admission students.

19. Pursuance  the website of the General Retirement Authority.

20. Student coding (code number) and save e-mail for students.


Admission and registration:

1.     Admission of students to all channels (central, talented, victims of military operations and military errors and terrorist operations, victims of the previous regime, people with martyrs of the Popular Mobilization).

2.     Admission of students of morning private government education.

3.     Admission of students of international of morning private government education.

4.     Admission of nomination amendment students.

5.     Pursuance university orders and issuing administrative orders to admitted students.


Documents  :-

1.Issuing mural certificates.

2. Issuing documents in arabic and english.


Admission of students of transport and hosting:

1.     Admission of transfer and hosting students (admitted with the approval of the committee on transport and hosting) in paper and electronic.

2.     Pursuance all orders related to students of transport and hosting (student file and grades).

3.     Preparation of pledges for the transferred students (pledge to agree to go down to the lower stage in the case of demanding more than two basic subjects after the scientific clearing, pledge not to demand housing in the internal departments,

4.     Pursuance of the university requests for transport and hosting and issue administrative orders of their own.


Pursuance of  graduates:

1.     Pursuance the appointment of students in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

2.     Pursuance honoring the first students.

3.     Pursuance the orders related to the first students.

4.     Pursuance the validity of the issuance documents for graduates.

5.     Pursuance the graduates admitted outside Iraq.

6.     Provide graduates with support materials and curricula for those admitted outside Iraq.

7.     Pursuance the graduates admitted outside Iraq on the ECFMG website.

8.     A questionnaire for students about curriculum and professors`s teaching.