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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The chemistry and biochemistry branch was established in 1987. The branch is to supervise graduate studies since 1993where the first Master degree was granted in1995, and the branch is still ongoing to grant professional high diploma, Master and doctoral degrees in clinical biochemistry and medical chemistry. The branch also is to teach different subjects to graduate students (Master and Doctoral Degrees) in the other college branches. A number of the branch professors participate in Iraqi Board exams and various assessment committees, and in discussion of graduate and board students’ research to evaluate research for publication in scientific journals inside and outside Iraq, and assessment of graduate students’ theses. Also the branch had a distinct role by giving different scientific consultations to the clinical chemistry laboratory of Al-Imamain Al-kathimain hospital. The branch has a distinct participation with the Continuous Education Unit in the college by holding various courses and seminars on topics related to the definition of the dangers of toxic chemical substances as well as to modern technologies used in clinical diagnosis fields. Also, a number of our teaching staff members has participation in conferences and seminars inside and outside the college. The branch has a patent granted to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Omran Hamza in 2021 and for Prof. Dr. Istabraq Abd al-Rasul al-Wasiti in 2022. In addition to that, our branch has an active contribution with the medical research centre through correlating staff members continuously. Besides, the branch has important role in the health centre of the college by participation of many professors in the daily presence in the centre. Moreover, we have active participations as a membership in different ministerial committees such as the Scientific Committee of the Iraqi Association/Emergency Medicine ( Ministry of Health) and the Iraqi Board of cancer (Ministry of Health) and the committee to follow -up the final exams (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) and many other ministerial committees. A number of the branch professors, and as a result of their ongoing efforts and fruitful liberality, gained letters of thanks from the ministers, the university president and the college deans. The teaching staff has an active role and contribution to the research work about problems of health and environment situation in Iraqi society. Many of our professors publish a number of concrete researches in international fields with a relatively high impact coefficient in reliable magazines inside and outside Iraq. Also many of the branch professors participated in the teaching staff development courses through traveling abroad and acquiring additional international expertise and occupational safety and emergency medicine courses. The branch has also an active participation in the editorial staff of the Iraqi journal of medical sciences through contribution to the editorial staff and in the educational guidance unit as well by meeting students and solving their problems, and also in quality and reliability committees.

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