College Library
Al-Nahrain College of Medicine Library was founded in 1987 to achieve the main objective; to obtain sources and organizing and processing information and ensure easy accessibility through: Loan services for all teaching staff members, medical personnel, graduate, and undergraduate students of this college.Using of computer in the processes of search for scientific resources through the global information databases Medline and the local information rules (two bases of books + periodicals specialized with theccollectibles of the library).
Providing scientific departments with lists of modern books that reach to the library periodically.
Making the necessary contacts with the competent libraries, information institutions, and organizations to benefit from their services and to exchange information.
Participation in courses and seminars inside and outside Iraq in order to keep pace with scientific developments in the field of library and information.

Central Library Sections


Technical Services Division
This division of the library Includes books section and, periodicals. Also, it provides the library with organizing, cataloging, and classifying books, periodicals, reports, theses and documents. It has a construction of manual cardsbibliography andautomatic bibliography within the well-known system (Winisis) with the provision of loan services and issuing bibliographic information leaflet about new books, for the library contains(34,500) medical book and(1450) medical periodical titles .

Department of Information

The Division includes automatic search section depending on the medical base (Medline) including extractsof published research since 1966. Also, it includes the sectionof laserdiscs Library which contains300 discs of various medical topics of books, periodicals and other documents.

Department of Free Education
This department includes all textbooks distributed to the college teaching staff members, graduate ,and undergraduate students withupdated old editionsannually.