College Outcomes:

1-   Prepare efficient physicians and scientists who possess fundamental medical and scientific backgrounds in addition to clinical and research skills to practice their job by pursuing the art, skills, and ethics of medical career.


2- Prepare physicians able to provide immediate care in emergency rooms and ambulatory care service, able to select diagnostic procedures, and prescribe treatment safely and professionally.


3- Prepare physicians with efficient communication skills with patients, their families, community, and colleagues from the knowledge and skills obtained in behavior, psychological, ethical, community medicine, and promoting health care sciences.

4- Prepare physicians able to use medical information effectively, document them accurately, handle data properly, and maintain its confidentiality and privacy.


5-  Prepare physicians able to keep life-long learning, teach others, and function well as multi-task teamwork member with collaborative spirit to ensure provision of better health care services, able to work, and ready for postgraduate studies in any branch of medicine.


6- Prepare physicians able to apply scientific methods in conducting research possessing competitive skills at local and global levels.


7-  Prepare physicians who are decision makers with leadership abilities in the community and are faithful with devotion, respect individuals and the community irrespective to type, sex, religion, ethnicity, and nationality.