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Department of Physiology and Medical Physics
The branch was founded in 1988. This branch is a major branch and the founder for this department. • The branch works on the task of teaching human physiology for second year students in Al- Nahrain Medical College as a basic subject in the study of medicine. • The branch also is to teach the Engineering College students/ Medical Engineering Department in Al-Nahrain University and human physiology and bio-technology. • The branch also teaches and trains graduate students in other medical branches such as the pharmacology branch and the high diploma and Board in radio diagnosis speciality. • The branch also contributes in the development of students mental skills through various academic and practical modern teaching methods. • The branch provides students with different clinical examination basics, and how to apply this information in practical life. • The branch is linked to the Iraqi Board of medical specialties (neurophysiology speciality) and it is considered as the principal founder of this speciality. • The branch grants Master and doctoral degrees in medical physiology speciality for postgraduate students in order to prepare them to be lecturers or researchers .The first Master Degree was granted in 1993 to prof. Dr. Haider Ghani. The first doctorate was granted to prof. Dr. Isra Ja’afar. The first doctorate was granted to Prof. Dr. Farqad Bader Hamdan in 2000.

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