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The department of pathology and forensic medicine seeks to fulfill the country's need with highly qualified medical staff with full awareness about the relation between basic pathologic processes and clinical manifestation of disease.


  1. To graduate doctors equipped with the appropriate knowledge in the field of pathology and forensic medicine for better understanding of disease presentation to minimize time and cost of reaching a diagnosis.
  2. To develop in the graduates the spirit of scientific approach to deal with health problems.



  1. To introduce to the students the concepts of pathology and forensic medicine and their relevance in the health care delivery system.
  2. To equip the students with knowledge and skills to be able to interpret the signs and symptoms of disease process on appropriate scientific basis and to put a proper management plan according to disease prognosis.
  3. Provide opportunities of training, learning and skill acquisition for post graduate students. 

Lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, and practical sessions are used to conduct the syllabi of the curriculum. Transparencies and audio-visual recordings are used for teaching.